Participants: Sarah Pastorek

‍I. Proposal

  1. Title and Basic Sales Point: (two sentences).
  2. Synopsis/ Description: describe the scope, purpose, and significance or value in 1-2 paragraph. Be positive but not bombastic; be specific about the overall aims of the book.
  3. Outline or TOC: what will be included; list titles and authors if it is a collection; describe each chapter or section in a sentence or two.
  4. Authors' background (when applicable).
  5. Sample chapter(s): no more than two. If you are writing an introduction or preface, this would be useful to include. Make the selection "representative" not atypical.
  6. Materials/Apparatuses: length, plans for illustrations, index, glossary, etc.
  7. Market / Audience: What is the intended reader for this book? Does it appeal to more than one group? How do the style and the content fit a need? What "category" does this book belong in? For example, if it is an educational text, what age student in what kinds of courses would be likely to read it?
  8. Competition: Describe other projects that are comparable. Discuss differences and similarities, explaining what makes your project distinctive or of competitive value. Several specific titles should be mentioned.

‍II. Publishing Plan

  1. Where will you get the material. I will get material
  2. What is your timeline (and workflow) for acquisition, editing, layout, submission, proofreading, and production? My timeline is manageable and balanced so that I can produce a put together book by the end of the semester. I will give myself the most time for acquiring and/or writing the material which will be about two weeks. I will aim to accomplish the other processes in roughly five days each. The timeline will be altered and changed depending on the choice and time needed for production.
  3. What service will you use? And what are the "constraints" in terms of format, cost, or time you need to be aware of?
  4. Does your service allow for some degree of actual marketing and sales (i.e. listing on Amazon)?