Format: Uploads are entirely in PDF format

Cost (setup, per copy, shipping, hidden costs): No cost for uploading or browsing, Proof copy costs bare minimum of production + shipping. Hidden Costs: Mass distribution, Kindle publication, how much of a fee Amazon takes from Royalties. Due to Royalty set up, basic tax information is included.
The option to buy copies and sell someplace yourself are also a possibility and not built into ToS at all.

Minimum Order: None.

Minimum cost: about $10
Copies: $4-$6

Turn-around time: 1 day for proofing from company, 3 days for shipping of proof.

Quality / Customization options: Standard paper quality, options to print in color, black and white, etc.

Distribution: (options, ISBN, listings at sellers etc.) ISBN included as well as BISAC options. Ability to sell through and outside vendors.