Jazminn Jones
Eng. 360 – Editing and Publishing
27 March 2012

I. Proposal
  1. Title and basic sales point:
    1. My book is going to be called “In the Heat of Highborough,” which is a story based on the turmoil and transformation of Alyssa, a college dropout, who gave up her life for Raymond, her gang-life-loving drug dealing boyfriend. After meeting a guy named Kenneth, who was also a part of the gang life, she found herself in the middle of a dangerous love triangle that could cost her life.
    2. Synopsis/Description
      1. Alyssa, whose life was completely turned around after her parents were killed in a car accident at the age of four, was taken care of by her grandmother, who later passed the responsibility over to her older brother Alan. Once Alyssa met Raymond, the goals that she had drastically changed, resulting in her believing that life would be better if she followed Raymond to Los Angeles, leaving her brother behind in New York. Her outlook of a happy life with him was shot down once his abusive behavior was visible and she discovered herself to be the girlfriend of a drug lord in one of the most dangerous gangs that roamed the streets of Los Angeles. Working at a bistro, she met and befriended Kenneth, who was a member of a gang, who has quarreled with Raymond many times. Their friendship took a turn for more, creating the highest level of friction between the two groups.
II. Publishing Plan
  1. Where will you get the material?
    1. I wrote this book my sophomore year of high school, out of curiosity as to whether I had the patience to write a novel. Once I completed it, I realize that it was definitely an interesting read and that I always wanted to re-write it, but I’ve never gotten the chance.
    2. What is your timeline for acquisition, editing, layout, submission, proofreading and production?
      1. I plan on revising the original copy of the book and re-writing it as I go along, possibly switching a few things around so it would make better sense now, compared to how my thinking was when I was fifteen. I would need more assistance with publishing and submissions, since this would be the very first time I have done this with any of my work.