The Light Princess
1. The Light Princess is the title of the book that I have found on This book is an old fairy-tale kind of story, I will edit and update it so it will be more fun for readers today to read.
2. The story is about a king that wants to have a baby and is jealous of all of his friends that have children, so then when the queen gives him a child he is overjoyed. When the king forgets to invite his sister to the christening, the sister who is a philosopher and witch casts a spell on the baby so then gravity doesn't effect her anymore. Then it is the child growing up without the effects of gravity and how they will fix it.
This story is kind of ridiculous and I am not trying to improve upon the story, this will never be an amazing novel on a top ten book list. What I want to do is make it fun and updated for this time period. Right now, the way it is, it is readable for an everyday person, it just sounds funny to us. So I want to update it, but keep its whimsical qualities and the fun of the story.
3. On the gutenberg site, there are three stories The Light Princess, The Giant's Heart and The Golden Key. I am spending most of my time concentrating on The Light Princess, because that is the story that amused me the most when going through them.
4. George MacDonald, he was a Scottish author, poet and Christian Minister. His Fairy Tales have inspired many authors including C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolken. MacDonald was also a friend of Mark Twain.
5. This is a sample chapter, I have not edited this at all so far. This is exactly the way that it is shown on the Gutenberg site.

Once upon a time, so long ago that I have quite forgotten the date, there lived a king and queen who had no children.

And the king said to himself, "All the queens of my acquaintance have children, some three, some seven, and some as many as twelve; and my queen has not one. I feel ill-used." So he made up his mind to be cross with his wife about it. But she bore it all like a good patient queen as she was. Then the king grew very cross indeed. But the queen pretended to take it all as a joke, and a very good one too.

"Why don't you have any daughters, at least?" said he. "I don't saysons; that might be too much to expect."

"I am sure, dear king, I am very sorry," said the queen.

"So you ought to be," retorted the king; "you are not going to make a virtue of that, surely."

But he was not an ill-tempered king, and in any matter of less moment would have let the queen have her own way with all his heart. This, however, was an affair of state.

The queen smiled.

"You must have patience with a lady, you know, dear king," said she.

She was, indeed, a very nice queen, and heartily sorry that she could not oblige the king immediately.

The king tried to have patience, but he succeeded very badly. It was more than he deserved, therefore, when, at last, the queen gave him a daughter—as lovely a little princess as ever cried.

6. The length will be around fifty pages. Even though it is a children’s story and it would be amusing to have illustrations, I cannot draw at all. People do not find my stick figure drawings as amusing and I seem to. So unless I can find someone that is amazing at illustrating and would be interested in helping me with this project, it seems like this story will lack illustrations.
7. The book is a fairy tale, so it would be aimed to people that lack fairy tales. I do not want to say that it is a children’s book, because I am not a children friendly person. Since, I am not a children friendly person, saying that I am editing a children’s book is putting pressure on me to be incredibly P.C. When I am finished updating this story and the F-bomb has not been inserted into the story, I will feel better about calling it a children’s book.
8. There are so many other books like this out there, like the Grimm Brother’s fairy tales and a million others that you can think of. My book would have to be mega amazing to get noticed above the others, it will need something special. So maybe I should be inserting the F-Bomb into my fairy tale. To set it apart, just kidding.