Once upon a time, so long ago that I have quite forgotten the date, there lived a king and queen who had no children.
And the king said to himself, "All the queens of my acquaintance have children, some three, some seven, and some as many as twelve; and my queen has not one. I feel ill-used." So he made up his mind to be cross with his wife about it. But she bore it all like a good patient queen as she was. Then the king grew very cross indeed. But the queen pretended to take it all as a joke, and a very good one too.
"Why don't you have any daughters, at least?" said he. "I don't say sons; that might be too much to expect."
"I am sure, dear king, I am very sorry," said the queen.
"So you ought to be," retorted the king; "you are not going to make a virtue of that, surely."
But he was not an ill-tempered king, and in any matter of less moment would have let the queen have her own way with all his heart. This, however, was an affair of state.
The queen smiled.
"You must have patience with a lady, you know, dear king," said she.
She was, indeed, a very nice queen, and heartily sorry that she could not oblige the king immediately.
The king tried to have patience, but he succeeded very badly. It was more than he deserved, therefore, when, at last, the queen gave him a daughter—as lovely a little princess as ever cried.


Once upon a time, not that long ago, lived a wealthy couple that had no children. Their name was Mr. and Mrs. Pecunious.
Some people would think that Mr. and Mrs. Pecunious were very lucky. They had plenty of money, no mouths to feed, always had eight hours of rest every night, and could go on vacation any time they please. Mr. Pecunious was not happy with this though, he wanted children and didn't understand why all the other wives that he knew had plenty of children running around. Since they had not had any children, he felt unfufilled and decided to go to his wife with the idea of having children.

Mrs. Pecunious enjoyed her lavish vactions, eight hours of sleep and alone time that she had now and was in no hurry to have children. She also knew that eventually Mr Pecunious would want children. So she listened to her husbands well organized points, she looked at the pie charts and the ten year plan that he created for their discussion. He seemed to have a point and after she slept on the idea for a few well rested nights, and the agreement of a full time nanny, they decided to have a child.
Mrs. Pecunious gave birth to a little baby girl nine months later. The gave her the name of Princess Pecunious, most people think the name Princess should only be saved for your pomeranion,but Mr. and Mrs. Pecunious could not be swayed.