I call my family home the Hoffmann Family Petting Zoo. Our little zoo features:
  • 2 cats: Amberlynn and Pollyanna
  • a dog: Lucy
  • 2 aquariums: one 5 gallons and full of ever-reproducing guppies, one 10 gallons and occupied by Jabberjaws the bala shark
  • a rabbit: S'mores
  • 3, sometimes 4, humans: Thomas, Maria, Sophie, and sometimes me
We have an annex to our zoo that may soon be moving to a new location and perhaps growing. It currently contains 20 some horses, one of them is "ours": Bentley.

Our first cat, Bob, is buried behind the bush next to our tool shed. My mom says someday, if we ever move, she will dig up his remains and bring him with us.

My Future Plans:

As soon as my life has stabilized to a point at which I can support other living creatures besides myself and perhaps a 5-10 gallon aquarium, I plan to adopt two cats from the nearest shelter. They say cats (and many other animals) like to have friends.
I have little to no idea how I will ever achieve this stable point.
I spend my semester breaks working at The Bradford Era newspaper, a tiny local paper just barely scraping by. Ever since I started there as an intern last summer, I know I do not want to make newspaper reporter my career after graduation.

Something about my Past:

I was born in Bad Ischl, Austria and lived there until i was 6. I go home almost every summer to visit my immediate and extended family. I speak fluent German.
For as long as I can remember, I've always loved books, reading, and stories.

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