Title: ”The Influence”
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highDea: A newsletter from stoners, for stoners. Mostly comedic. Like “The Onion” of “High Times”. It will be an E-Newsletter. (but how cool would it be if a real paper newsletter came with rip out joint rolling papers??)

- Funny AbovetheInfluence video of the week.- (Yknow those highlarious videos that are supposed to make you NOT want to do drugs.) [check copyright issues]
- Macgyver’s Corner – a tutorial of how to make the most efficient gravity bong step by step
- Dopest Dope I ever Toked- This weeks going rates/averages/availability on the prices of bud (NOT REALLY)
- First Experiences- Two real people’s experiences meeting MJ the first time.
- So Political- Article of the war on legalization in the US of A this week.
- Highlarious – Quotes from friends/something you heard somewhere all about the bud.

- Anyone who smokes or is interested in marijuana