I. Proposal (Revised)
  1. Title and Basic Sales Point: Dark Romanticism in American Literature: An Anthology. An anthology for entertainment purposes, mostly composed of 19th century writers.
  2. Synopsis/ Description: The idea is to collect a variety of short stories and works from classic American authors that fall under the genre of "Dark Romanticism," which deals with questions of death, reanimation, mourning, and the supernatural, among others. It will stress quality writing and examples of that through American history. It would be used for entertainment purposes, as it will be comprised of some of the more popular work from some of the most influential writers in American history. Outline or TOC: I’m thinking of using mostly short stories, though poetry may become intertwined. I’m looking to include authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, and Emily Dickinson, among others. Authors' background – Famous writers in American literature.
  3. Sample chapter(s): I’m not sure there will be chapters; rather I will try to group stories by context and similarities. Materials/Apparatuses: Length will vary depending on the amount of quality work that I can find that isn’t copywritten. Many anthologies can be quite lengthy, but I’m not sure I realistically have the time to copy-edit and compose a 400 page anthology. I’m thinking about 50-100 pages. An index and table of contents will definitely be necessary.
  4. Market / Audience: The intended reader would be mostly college-age, adult readers. Some of the content may be readable and suitable for high-school level readers as well, as many high school English programs include the likes of Poe in their curriculum. I would submit it into the category of anthology/literature. It also reaches out to those who are interested in the history of American writing. Competition: Several specific titles should be mentioned. There are countless anthologies, however, I feel that this one addresses a specific genre, which is Dark Romanticism. It isn’t as broad as many anthologies tend to be.

[Note that a formal book proposal to a major publisher might have additional, specific requirements--especially around marketing, promotion, and audience. We'll minimize that for our learning purpose. ]

II. Publishing Plan
  1. Where will you get the material – Project Gutenberg, the internet in general. Anywhere that work published before 1923, or uncopywritten work, is available.
  2. What is your timeline (and workflow): Acquisition will come first within the first week or two of April, followed by editing and selection. Layout and submission will take place mid-April, while proofreading and production will be the final steps leading through the end of the month.
  3. What service will you use? And what are the "constraints" in terms of format, cost, or time you need to be aware of? Lulu is my first choice, though I’m still doing some debating. If it approaches around 100 pages, the cost will be around $30.
  4. Does your service allow for some degree of actual marketing and sales (i.e. listing on Amazon)? Yes, it will be a legitimate anthology that could find uses, especially if it reaches the further end of 100 pages.

Book Project Log

James Cleis
Dark Romanticism: A Collection of 19th Century American Literature
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Supplementary Materials - Visual Style Sheet, style sheet, cover art, log
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