Part I
1. Title: Exile’s Throne
Basic Sales Point: As a fantasy novel there is a large market for Exile’s Throne. It brings in the full world building that has not been visible in the genre since the eighties.
2. Synopsis/Description:

Filano lived a quiet life in a small town, untouched by the reach of the tyrant. All that changed on the day of the harvest festival, though. A member of the tyrant’s forces arrives, carrying news with him and turning Filano’s life upside down.
Now he’s on the run, trying to free his home and the rest of Espkiel. The tyrant must fall if he wants to be with his family again. But can he become the hero the world wants him to be?

3. Outline or TOC: what will be included; describe each chapter or section in a sentence or two [See Attachment 2]
4. Author’s Background: N/A
5. Sample Chapters [See attachement]
7. Market/Audience: Young Adult Fantasy Readers. There aren’t enough books with unhappy endings. High Fantasy.
Part II1. Where will you get the material: From Kristin’s hard drive
2. Acquisition: Right now
Editing/Proofreading: Finish by April 13th
Layout: One Weekend
Submission: April 19th
Production: Weekend of April 20th

Sample Chapters: