Provide information on current events facing women in the United States and events planned and held in the current school year.


Kind of Content:

  • articles
    • original
      • I'm a Man, I'm a Feminist
      • the vagina monologues
      • what princess merida means to me

    • sources
      • sexual assault in the military
      • women in the DCnewU

  • images
    • picture of meeting
    • calendar
    • president of WSC
    • princess merida (fair use for commentary and criticism)
    • application for women's studies minor
    • WSC logo

  • categories of content:
    • current events in the country
    • events in the community and on campus
    • about / mission
    • membership form; Get More Involved
    • solicit contributors

Do you have further content to acquire? Have you resolved any permissions / copyright issues?
Still waiting on the permission to use an article from DCnU blog.

Do you have an estimate of the number of articles and pages your newsletter will contain?

Do you need to save space for images?

What is your title?
I think just Women's Studies Club, with IUP somewhere in the masthead.

Do you need a table of contents?
Yes, because there will probably be two articles on almost every page.

Will you have multiple authors listed, with biographical statements or attributions for previously printed articles?
The authors contributing to this newsletter, with original articles written for this publication, will have a blurb stating who they are. The president of WSC will have a bio by the mission. Attribution and a place to "read more" will be added to the articles that I requested be printed in the newsletter. i.e courtesy of Megan Guza, THE PENN. (www.thepenn.org)

List of Content Files:

(still needs permissions to publish)