Title: Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)
I feel that this organization could be included in the newsletter as a way to inform all athletes of topics we have discussed or of people to turn to if issues or problems should arise.

Kind of Content:
  • articles (?)
    • original (?)
    • sources (?)
  • categories of content:
    • Each sports team
    • Their schedules and records
    • Activities or community service we are planning (news & events)
    • Any individual athletes that have been recognized for awards (?)
    • A roster of the SAAC members for each sport
    • Important dates to remember (for example, drop-add for athletes, meeting dates)
    • Athletic department personnel
    • About / mission
    • Reader response / athlete concerns or problems needing attention

Need for permissions? Copyright/Copyleft / Fair use?
  • Primarily fair use

Frequency/ Size / Design
  • sports designs, inspirational athletic quotes,

List of Potential Articles