Title : Since I am creating a Newsletter for a specific animal shelter I would simply name the newsletter off of the institution. For example, if i created one for the local Four Footed Friends Animal Shelter then the title of my newsletter would be The Four Footed Friends Animal Shelter Newsletter.

Purpose: The purpose of the newsletter is to educate locals on what is going on with the animal shelter, meaning that it would focus on animals currently being sheltered there that are available for adoption, on the people who work there and volunteer their time to keep it up and running, a list of items that they currently need, and a section regarding their plans for the future to help animals in need.

Audience: The audience would be locals living in Indiana near the animal shelter who can make a difference and offer the help that is needed. Hopefully, the newsletter will encourage readers to get involved.

Kind of Content:
  • articles
    • original – I can write articles surrounding what is taking place in the animal shelter.
    • sources- I could also include articles from the ASPCA and other animal shelters around the country.
  • images : I would include images of the animals being housed there.
  • categories of content:
    • news items – news items regarding the shelter and new animals arriving
    • events – if the animal shelter holds any fund raisers
    • about / mission – include that it is their mission to rescue and house abandoned animals
    • polls, anecdotes – not really necessary
    • discussion, interview… – I could interview volunteers and workers about why helping out at the animal shelter is important to them
    • Q and A – We could answer questions from readers
    • reader response, letters to the editor
    • membership form; Get More Involved – A call to action for people to donate items or volunteer time
    • solicit contributor

Need for permissions? Copyright/Copyleft / Fair use? I would need permission from Four Footed Friends to include the content.

Tasks / Partners: Four Footed Friends Animal Shelter

Frequency/ Size / Design: I would have to decide this after sitting down and talking to someone at Four Footed Friends so that I am able to include their input.