• review book project timeline
  • Tracking your book project work (to submit documentation with the final product)
    • update log on your blog or wiki page
    • save versions /drafts and number them and/or track changes
    • Begin compiling your Style Sheet
      • See "Checklist" in Einsohn (421-) or Yahoo Style

Beyond Editing "mini-lesson" (Ch15)

  • Forms of organization (378) / global editing
  • Diction: jargon, deadwood, circumlocution (385)
  • Subordination: (396); subordinating conjunctions
  • Questions; other issues?

Book Project

  • In-class shaping of material;
  • Finish acquisition OR revise plans


  1. Continued editing of book project;
  2. Feedback on draft Book-Project-Rubric
  3. Read Lupton "The Letter" (1-83)