In-class editing

Today we will devote most of the class to editing activities. Be sure to save "versions" of the files you edit; use your tracking system to keep organized.

Work on two "articles" for your newsletter

  • Copy-edit one on paper - print, markup, and then key the changes and save as a new file
  • Copy-edit one electronically, using "track changes" in MS Word
  • Ask a peer to check your edits
  • Keep track of editing "decisions" with your style sheet

Newsletter planning: update your "Newsletter Planning" document
  • Do you have further content to acquire? Have you resolved any permissions / copyright issues?
  • Do you have an estimate of the number of articles and pages your newsletter will contain?
  • Do you need to save space for images?
  • What is your title?
  • Do you need a table of contents?
  • Will you have multiple authors listed, with biographical statements or attributions for previously printed articles?

  • Using pencil and paper or MS-Paint, make a sketch of how you want your pages to look. You may use other newsletters or any publication you esteem as a model.


Optional: Einsohn: “Abbreviations” Ch. 9.

1.) For Thursday, make sure you have a list of ALL your intended articles, along with a size estimate;
should have a plan for which pieces will be accompanied by images (best if you also know how many);
make sure you have decided on a title for your piece;
and have answers for the planning questions above.

2.) Please view at least the first tutorial below.


3.) Please skim at least the brief overview of desktop publishing from quick version (; better, check out this thorough version (CSU).