1. Discussion of Final Projects

You will propose an individual or group editing project of approximately 50 pages per student. The final product will be a collection of writing mounted in a professional way. I will encourage you to choose a print-format project, and to produce at least two copies of the physical book using a local print-shop or a service such as Lulu.com or Issuu, or Scribd. You will need to build in time for “production” I will also entertain proposals for other kinds of publishing projects; but you must demonstrate your team has professional-level abilities to do this (so, I would not accept a web project consisting in the uploading of text to templated pages on Google sites.) Some "print on demand" services also have facility for producing and distributing e-books, which would be interesting.

Elements of a Book Proposal

A few sample ideas:
  • Use public domain literary texts from Project Gutenberg. (Reuse Guidelines from PG)
    • Around the World From Your Living Room. This large-format coffee table book appeals to the lover of sea, sail, and tradition. It presents short (1-8 page) excerpts from classic 18th and 19th century sailing books, such as the non-fictionJoshua Slocum's _Sailing Alone Around the World_, short fiction by Conrad, traditional sailing shanty's and other ephemera. It appeals to a sense of nostalgia through the inclusion of reproductions of antique wood-cuts of traditional sailing craft.
  • Use public domain information material, such as from Wikipedia
    • Nautical Knots: A Brief Guide. This 5x8 in. informational text presents 25 most commonly used knots for sailing. As a reference book, it begins with an illustration, continues with a description of the process of tying the knot, concludes with a summary of the history and application of the particular knot. Content is selected carefully from material available from wikipedia. However, the text is edited for style to make it more reader-friendly, and lighter in tone.

2. In-class editing and layout.


Read: Einsohn: “Numbers” Ch. 7,Einsohn: “Capitalization,”Ch. 6
Prepare and print your newsletter for in-class proofing (Tuesday after break); I will collect it Thursday.
Begin a book project proposal individually or with a group. Tag your shared wiki-organization page ("book-projects")