Newsletter Project

  • Double check your project against our rubric. Did you remember everything?
  • Please submit your project, on paper; include a print-out of your style sheet to indicate any important editing choices or decisions you made that might be non-standard.
  • I invite you to participate in the presentation on Online Writing Pedagogy;
    • it runs from 2:30-3:30
    • If you would like to participate, you can share feedback with the search committee by completing the pink form.


Next week will be devoted to preparation of the Proposal for your book-length project. The proposal is due at the end of class on Thursday.

For Tuesday, you should complete Part I., steps 1 and 2 AND Part II., steps 1 and 2. Coordinate the writing of this with your group-mate if you are preparing a joint project.

Share your work on an appropriately titled wiki page. You can link to it from your personal page, but please also give this page the tag "Book-Project-Proposal" so that I can find it.