Print your project and your style sheet.

Begin to carefully proofread. Get another person to also scan it. Look especially for inconsistencies; think about:
  1. punctuation
  2. spelling
  3. abbreviations
  4. numbers
  5. capitalization

Check also for "visual" errors: extra spaces, missing spaces, uneven columns, text cut-off, inexplicable font changes, etc. Make sure that any "judgement calls" (colour v. color; e-mail v. email) are resolved consistently. Also be sure that your choices make sense in terms of voice and audience.

Your newsletter is due -- ON PAPER -- at the beginning of class, Thursday. Please include a print-out of your style sheet.

At 2:30 on Thursday, a job candidate in "Online Writing Pedagogy" will give a teaching demonstration; as he currently teaches editing, publishing, web design, etc. and might join IUP's faculty to teach you some of these subjects, I invite you to stay and participate.