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Titles in all caps: this is because when you enter text onto the page, it wouldn't allow me to change the title. All the styles had to match so this was a way for me to distinguish between the title and the text.

Color: I used black color on the left pages because of the background page theme. I wanted the writing to pop out over the back. On the right pages, I used a brown color. I felt it made the book more visually welcoming and wholesome, rather than black which seems so standard. Plus, the brown coordinated with the background colors.

Page Layout: The right pages are not all the same because some passages are long and others are extremely short. I tried to center all of them and space out the title, story, and author or category. However, the size limit made this hard to do at times.

Table of Contents Page: Snapfish doesn't let the user play around with design and size a lot so I didn't have a large text box to work with. I had to jam all the content in one box. The only way it looked decent and not too cluttered or messy was to do it this way. Also, the font is different from the rest of the book because it spaced out the letters a bit more. I picked a font that wasn't too different from the rest so it wouldn't be too noticable.