To provide travel information for those wishing to visit sites where the Harry Potter movies were filmed.

The audience will be a mixture of Harry Potter fans and avid travelers. People of all ages enjoy Harry Potter but the newsletter will focus on those 18 and older.

Kind of Content:
  • articles
    • original
      • a lot of information will be provided by us about the locations we have visited as well as travel tips from us.
    • sources
      • the articles about specific locations that we have never personally visited will need to be researched.
      • we also wanted to possibly write something about one of the characters. It'll be our own opinions, but the character's personality is from J.K. Rowling. (Not sure if we have to worry about copyright stuff with this)
  • images
    • we will use a mix of our own personal images as well as ones we can find online.
    • So far, we have pictures of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, New College, and Christ Church in Oxford.
  • categories of content:
    • news items
    • events
      • Coming Soon feature: Summer opening of the Harry Potter studios outside of London, Uk.
    • about / mission
      • To inform other Harry Potter fans of the travel opportunities for them.
    • polls, anecdotes
      • traveler reviews
    • discussion, interview...
      • possibly an interview with a traveler, not sure yet!
    • Q and A
      • We could have a FAQ page on overall traveling or for the featured location.
    • reader response, letters to the editor
    • membership form; Get More Involved
    • solicit contributors

  • Do you have further content to acquire? Have you resolved any permissions / copyright issues? We're trying to contact one website that will provide information we need.
  • Do you have an estimate of the number of articles and pages your newsletter will contain? So far it will be around 8 pages, but once we add images it will probably be more. We will have about five or six articles and then some added information scattered throughout the newsletter.
  • Do you need to save space for images? Yes!
  • What is your title? Passport to Hogwarts.
  • Do you need a table of contents? Maybe. We'll see once we get a better idea of how much will be in it.
  • Will you have multiple authors listed, with biographical statements or attributions for previously printed articles? We'll list the website we're using but the rest is written by us so we'll just mention it after the title.

Need for permissions? Copyright/Copyleft / Fair use?
we need to research copyright with Harry Potter in general. I'm not sure how it works, the characters might be trademarked or something.

Tasks / Partners: Sarah Daxton and Marcey McClain

Frequency/ Size / Design

Information on the studio tour in London

Information on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

(new draft)
Creative Writing Story about a trip to a Harry Potter site in Oxford.

Possible Character Profile

New College Info

Rick Steven's HP film sites info